Chantal, Aurélien Pierre's AI assistant

Aurélien Pierre's AI assistant : ask it anything about photography, color science, film stocks, Ansel or Darktable, in French and in English, before sending a message.

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You can use keywords in French, or in English, or even a mix of both. It is not a chatbot so you don't need to form full sentences. The more keywords you add and the more accurate context you create. Keywords must be separated with spaces.

Spellchecking is attempted to find the closest known word if one keyword if the query is unknown. This can be computationally-expensive for long words (we brute-force try all letters permutations until we find a match).

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There are 3 search methods available, from the most fuzzy to the most specific:

  1. fuzzy synonyms: the most general and beginner-friendly, best used if you don't know exactly what to look for. It relies on an artificial intelligence aware of context and synonyms (more details).
  2. fuzzy keywords: more specific, best used if you know the technical terms to look for. It relies on a basic statistical approach (Okapi BM25) and does not take context and synonyms into account.
  3. exact keywords: the most specific and developer-friendly, best used if you want a direct grep-like search supporting regular expressions (Python-flavoured) and specific keywords.


[1] You can optionally include developer resources regarding Darktable, Ansel and Rawspeed, from Github. Non-developers will find this helpful to search for bug reports, known issues and caveats.

[2] You can optionally include user forums (, I have answered many questions on both since 2016, but they tend to be polluted with unsupported claims and wrong statements coming from color-blind IT guys with too much freetime. This will be helpful only to troubleshooting software issues. Some design choices for my developments in Darktable are explained there too. The public sessions of raw pictures defiling in commitee should deter you from seeking retouching advice in there.


You can click on associated keywords to add them directly to the search.

The best sentences from each document are displayed at the end of the snippet in the order of appearance. Clicking on (most of) them opens the page and highlights them, using text fragments (supported on Chrome 80, Opera 67 and Safary 16.1 – not Firefox).

This web application has taken 7 weeks of work (on top of previous work), around 300 man-hours and dozens of hours of burning CPU cycles, you are welcome to donate.

More information

This is Chantal v0.8, it indexes 34232 pages and knows 48945 words.

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